Art is boring…? Check it out!

Those who believe that art is boring, probably have never visited the Mart in Rovereto, the temple of modern Italian art. Here you can feel the spirit of innovation, curiosity and the desire to transcend the limits of tradition and conventional and the avant-garde soul.
Visiting this small town and its treasures is a must for those who spend their holidays in the nearby ski resorts or in a hotel on Lake Garda (only twenty kilometers).
The museum houses an impressive permanent collection, kind of 10,000 works including paintings, sculptures and drawings that trace the history of the twentieth century, from giants such as De Chirico, Campigli, de Pisis, Savino, Sironi.
The Futurism is the heart of the Mart, you can admire some of the most important works of masters such as Severini, Prampolini, Carrà, Balla and Depero.
Walking through the corridors of the museum, you can retrace the history of modern Italy and the world, thus moving from “Roman School” of Mafai, informal and provocative art by Melotti, Fontana and Burri, up to the lyrical abstractionism of Licini. There is no shortage of international artists like Picasso, Léger, Klee, Kandinsky, Lichtenstein, Modigliani, Warhol, Beuys.
Each year, the Mart hosts major temporary shows, for 2011 is expected an exhibition called “Modigliani sculptor“, open from December 18 to March 3.
It is included in the ticket to enter the Futurist House Depero, the artist’s house represents all the creativity and vitality of the movement. Depero, in fact, wanted to create a truly futuristic museum, the only example of a show created by his own protagonist.
Depero has given the city more than 3,000 bizarre and incredible works, including drawings, collages, his famous posters, as well as extravagant furniture and toys.
Seeing the Mart in Rovereto is pleasant not only for art lovers, the beauty of the museum makes the visit fun for the whole family. The city is also well worth a visit for the numerous buildings and monuments, including the famous Peace Bell.

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