Sports in Liguria

Immediately behind the coastline, the railway and the Via Aurelia, there is a litle known Liguria far from the mass tourism, made of olive-clad valleys, streams, yellow mimosa, a Liguria often called “open-air gym“.
Among the many sports to practice outdoors there is trekking, and an international event is dedicated to this sport: the sea and mountains across the Arenzano Beigua Park, located along an old road junction that connects the plains and the sea. And then the paths of Cinque Terre National Park, surrounded by vineyards, the Park of Portofino that offers memorable sights and Park dell’Antola. But the queen is the mythical and legendary “Alta Via dei Monti Liguri”, with its spectacular views of the sea, the mountains of the Alps and the Po Valley.
Within the protected ligurian areas, you can find find dozens of routes for cycling and mountain biking: over 500 km of hiking paths in the park of Beigua or river banks in the Park of Monte Marcello Magra.
And what about the horse trekking: Plain Crixia offers numerous routes and Torriglia dell’Antola Park is a center of equestrian tourism and hiking.

The Villas of Tivoli and the Vatican Museums

We started from Viareggio around 13.15 and after work. At 16.30 we were at Villa Adriana.
The villa was built by the emperor Hadrian between 118 and 134 AD; it consists of a collection of buildings like the baths (Small and Large Spa baths), the library, the Canopus, a large pool surrounded by the remains of a portico and Caryatids, several temples, the Teatro Marittimo.
Inside the Museum of the Canopus, located at the same side of Canopus, there are exposed statues found in the same place.
A visit to this villa is very scenic and takes us back in time to the glories of the Empire. Read the rest of this entry »

Sicily to eat

There are many typical culinary products in Sicily.
The Sicilians have taken and kept something in the gastronomic field from all peoples and cultures passed on the island.
To foreign influences, that led to the island both products and recipes, we have to consider in addition the raw materials of which the island is already rich. The resources of Sicily’s sea as well as both agricultural and pastoral hinterland are endless and the highest quality. Read the rest of this entry »

Wonderful Sardinia

The east coast is a paradise of mountains and sea, from “Punta Nera” in the Gulf of Orosei until the Ogliastro coast.
Cliffs that plunge into the sea of Sardinia, huge ramparts of limestone, the plateau of Supramonte, pyramid-shaped rocks that emerge from the water, creeks that start in the idyllic coastline, caves, and so on.
Along this coast there are the so-called “codule”, narrow gorges carved into the rock by rivers, which, lined with plants and flowers, lead to the bays of white sand. Read the rest of this entry »

Art is boring…? Check it out!

Those who believe that art is boring, probably have never visited the Mart in Rovereto, the temple of modern Italian art. Here you can feel the spirit of innovation, curiosity and the desire to transcend the limits of tradition and conventional and the avant-garde soul.
Visiting this small town and its treasures is a must for those who spend their holidays in the nearby ski resorts or in a hotel on Lake Garda (only twenty kilometers).
The museum houses an impressive permanent collection, kind of 10,000 works including paintings, sculptures and drawings that trace the history of the twentieth century, from giants such as De Chirico, Campigli, de Pisis, Savino, Sironi. Read the rest of this entry »

Discovering Sicily – Holidays in Santa Flavia

Santa Flavia is a town in the province of Palermo, situated on the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily, on a promontory located between the Gulf of Palermo and Termini Imerese.
Originally the village name, Phoenician derivation, was Sòlanto; the current name of Santa Flavia dates back to 1880 and was awarded to the city in honor of the homonymous Dukes, the feud holders.
Santa Flavia is a very important place for tourism in Sicily, especially the summer one, but it is also very rich in terms of history and monuments. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer 2011

The April sun teased a bit all those who are now looking for travel ideas and low cost offers for next summer 2011. We want to try here to give some advice for your next vacation, proposing places related to the Italian sea, especially on low-cost locations.

  • The Adriatic

The Adriatic Coast is one of the easiest places to organize a cheap holiday: for those who want to stand out a bit, Jesolo is a valid alternative especially for camping and hostels.
Staying on the Adriatic, the real “must” of the last two years is represented by the Marche, very quiet seaside, suitable for families who want to relax on a budget, and make the children play in a place with lots of accommodation
suitable for them.
Last advice about the Adriatic, the Tremiti islands, stunning outpost chosen by many Italian artists as a place of inspiration, far from the bustle, the Tremiti islands are absolutely a place to live at least once in a lifetime.

  • The Tyrrhenian

We want to start with a classic, the Aeolian Islands, suitable for young people (especially Panarea and Lipari), families (Lipari in particular) but also older people interested in spa treatments (Salina).
Other Sicilian islands, Favignana and the Egadis, comfortable also thanks to the airport which is very close, so that the islands are easily reached by flights from Milan, Rome and many other airports.